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"WebWhile opened up the online US market for us. We went from a few sales to having daily sales . . ."

Jean Philippe Fortier
Marketing Manager Optenet S.A.

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It's like a worldwide sales force that never takes vacation. Develop a good, solid affiliate program and watch your sales pour in.

Just about any company that sells their wares online today should have an affiliate program. The Internet is so large and expanding so rapidly, your site alone, no matter how effective, is not capable of penetrating into each and every niche of the WWW.

An affiliate program is one of the most powerful and intelligent ways for you to promote you products online. You provide Webmasters, Bloggers, and Shopkeepers with a monetary incentive to effectively promote your products:

How does an affiliate program work?
You sell an Internet security product - offer family related sites to promote the product to their parent customers. You sell tools for language learning - offer travel sites to promote the product to their traveling customers.

Recruiting affiliates to sell your products is like adding an outside sales force and continuously growing your team as your network grows. You can even offer multiple levels of commissions and implement multi-tier systems allowing your affiliates to recruit their own affiliates. When you have a good product and support your affiliates well, you develop loyalty and can significantly increase your bottom line. A company that implements a successful affiliate program, will see their bottom line drastically improve.

Be Generous

"These are customers that you would never have reached on your own. Good affiliate partners know how to build trust and direct their visitors to the products they want them to buy. Treat them well and you will singing all the way to the bank!"

Sheryl Sitman,
Online Marketing Expert

  We Provide you with:
We build a robust, useful backoffice system so you can manage your affiliate program directly. Recruit, support and handle financiall aspects of your affiliate program from your own website.
In theory, anyone can be an affiliate. But of course there is a tremendous variety of candidates. You need affiliates who will succeed to bring you relevant traffic. We know where to find them.
Some of your competitors may dedicate a staff to managing their affiliate program - because they know it's worthwhile. You may not be ready for that, but we are. We provide professional affiliate program management.
You have an existing program and want to see it do more. Let us review your program and work with you to enhance and grow it. We'll find out what needs to be improved and tell you how to do it.
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