Stories by the River – A New Platform

We chose New Hope, Pennsylvania as our new home from nearly 6,000 miles away, having only some faint memories of pleasant walks along River road some 25 years ago. When we arrived to New Hope, I was overwhelmed by its beauty. The rolling hills, the special charm of the quaint little towns, the arts and galleries, the restaurants and of course, the Delaware River.   I immediately dedicated time to my passion for exploring my surroundings and meeting people. I could have never guessed that there would be such a rich culture of art, music, food, and theater here. I was fascinated with getting to know the people behind the vibrant life that exists in this little town by the river.

Then One Day

Tales By The River: A map-based storytelling platform

I met Carl from the Wedgewood Inn and he introduced me to quite a cast of characters. There are so many stories here – inspirational, tragic, funny, absurd, happy …  In each store, down every dirt road, behind desks and sales counters, in the charming local Inns and restaurants, living in small houses you never noticed, there is an entire world. I wanted to hear all of these stories and to understand what made New Hope a community. So I started this personal project, that quickly transitioned into the digital world and next thing I knew, I had a great excuse to get people to tell me their stories.Talesbytheriver, in essence, can develop into a powerful platform for creating a unique map-based storytelling, designed for high content engagement and trust building.

I thought it is time to share this project and thank the people that inspired me and also to invite others communities to share their stories on the platform I created.
Please visit  Tales by the River.


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