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"WebWhile opened up the online US market for us. We went from a few sales to having daily sales . . ."

Jean Philippe Fortier
Marketing Manager Optenet S.A.

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Each of our projects is unique in terms of challenge, industry and objective. Each campaign is shaped and narrowed to fit the specific client and styled to fulfill the client's specific online business and marketing goals. Because no two sites are alike, no two WebWhile projects are alike. Our clients are from across industries and countries with highly varying requirements. We know how to adopt our methodology to achieve the end results we seek. Take a look at the case studies below to get a taste of our success, our expertise and our ability to make a website a full-blown part of your business.
Optenet PC Logo
WebWhile Inc. joined forces with Optenet S.A. to establish an online strategy for penetrating North America and strengthening the company's overall global presence in the home market. Results include steady increase in sales, enhanced visibility and customer engagement. We have also led the repurposing of the product for the adult market, to cover not only parental control issues but addiction and overall control of Internet use.
Tranzila Logo
Rocket is a global software development firm with products that complement and extend strategic infrastructure in enterprise solutions and application. WebWhile is developing and supervising the implementation of inbound marketing strategy for the company.
Over $3 billion from 120 countries is processed by Tranzila annually. Having played an integral role in the planning and launch of what today is Israel's leading online credit card processing solution, WebWhile's lead consultant, Dror Gliksman, took on the repositioning of TRANZILA.
TheMakingsofMe DNA Testing
TheMakingofMe is an Israel based startup in the exciting field of DNA testing. The company is providing easy and affordable access to the incredible wealth of information that lies within an individual's unique DNA code. It is the first company of its kind to focus on delivering genetic information that can improve lifestyle and living habits. Customers are invited to discover their child's potential, to make better educated decisions in choosing a life partner and to learn about their own genetic code and how they can live better.
SAManage is a startup company providing SAAS based IT asset management solutions. WebWhile provided SAManage management with an Internet marketing "bootcamp" to help the company establish its desired market position, the right messaging and the focus and tactics needed for an aggressive, budget sensitive marketing launch. Our team spent time analyzing the SAManage offer, the market in which the company is operating and collaborated closely to plan a launch that helped the company quickly gain both attention and market share.
RCS is World's largest international trader of mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable electronics. We've provided RCS stratigic consultancy for revamping their digital marketing.
Codeoasis Logo
The fastest growing Open Source team in Israel. Experts in Drupal, Enterprise Solutions, Project Management, integration, kiosks and software development. WebWhile works with the CodeOasis business development team on the continued enhancement of CodeOasis' leading role in the Open Source community in Israel and beyond.
Aviisha Logo
The Aviisha Medical Wellness Institute is a group of US clinics specializing in sleep apnea and obesity. Prior to launching the company, Aviisha management hired WebWhile to plan and implement the company's online strategy. As the first company to offer patients a home sleep test online, the project involved creating the online marketing concept, managing development of a sophisticated e-medicine platform within the regulatory confines of the US, defining ecommerce systems and online promotion. WebWhile planned the company's online presence, managed the initial launch, participated in business development activities and managed all internet activity and content before transitioning to a full-time staff.
Impulse Dynamics
Founded in 1996, Impulse Dynamics is a medical device company offering innovative solutions for treatment of Chronic Heart Failure. Their proprietary technology for administrating Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) therapy, has been proven to increase cardiac performance. Given the significant, positive impact such treatment can have on chronically sick patients, the company has a compelling story to tell. WebWhile joined forces with BioMarketing to define a new, more aggressive web presence and a social media policy and campaign to effectively promote the company while maintaining absolute compliance with all regulatory issues concerning the medical device industry.
MetaCure is a medical device company dedicated to offering innovative minimally invasive solutions for metabolic and gastric conditions with a focus on Type 2 Diabetes, a growing worldwide epidemic Given the innovative nature of this interventional treatment for diabetes, Metacure is faced with the challenge of educating medical professionals and potential patients about its technology and products. WebWhile was brought in to quickly address specific issues concerning Metacure's online presence in the US and Germany and their lack of visibility. Results were immediate. In parallel, we provided Metacure with an effective plan for a complete makeover of their web presence and a social media policy and campaign to effectively promote the company while maintaining absolute compliance with all regulatory issues concerning the medical device industry. The new websites are being rolled out now.
WIS Site
When the Weizmann Institute of Science, a world leading multidisciplinary research institution, decided to build a new and advanced website that would include and leverage its vast archives of articles, journals and videos, WebWhile was brought in at the start to ensure proper planning of strategy, implementation and ongoing guidance. The result is one of the largest, most comprehensive online libraries of engaging, cutting edge science content for the masses and an impressive example of the power of Drupal and open source by Code Oasis.
This Adobe partner's Internet venture called KonoLive is an innovative collaboration tool. The KonoLive marketing team recognized early on that they could benefit from the ecommerce expertise provided by WebWhile to define a sales and promotion infrastructure that will allow them to go to market faster and more prepared.
Elron Electronics Ltd. Logo
Elron is one of the largest technology holding companies in Israel. The company's website was outdated, drew very little traffic despite the long time it had been online and did not accurately reflect the actual activities of the company. So SE ranking for relevant searches was completely non-existent. The company embarked on developing a new site to better reflect its corporate image, to provide more relevant and accurate information on the company's activities and to achieve a higher level of visibility among its target audiences. WebWhile provided consulting services during the development of the new website which included keyword research, content optimization, and search engine ranking reports.
Impliant Israel Logo
Impliant was a young medical device manufacturer that introduced a new spinal implant to the market. During their clinical trial phase, they needed to educate more orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists worldwide about their innovative device. Their web site was not serving their needs and they initiated a project to develop a new site. WebWhile was invited to join the project to provide expert consulting to ensure the site was properly optimized to achieve high search engine ranking. We conducted a thorough survey of the orthopedic spinal device market online and determined what was required of the Impliant website in order to both be found by it's target audience as well as how to best serve that market. As patient recruitment for the trials began, WebWhile planned and executed a successful patient recruitment campaign, one of the first of its kind.
NoNews Israel
For people who live in Israel, having no news is a fantasy. we've decided to do something about it and we've partnered with some of the funniest people in Israel to create this near real-time news satire website and a vibrant Facebook community (Hebrew).
The Internet Addiction guide
The Internet Addiction Guide is all about the relatively new phenomena facing our society - Internet Addiction. Whether it is a general problem of using the Internet too much, an Internet gambling addiction, online pornography addiction, shopping addiction or other problematic behavior that is aggravated by Internet use, the Internet Addiction Guide is the place to learn about it - how to identify the addiction, how to confront it and how to handle it.
IVC Logo
Designing online strategy for Israeli Venture Capital Research Center.
Everyone Can Read
Phonics and reading software products and dyslexia solutions are great products for Internet sales because so many parents and teachers search online for innovative solutions to teach reading to young students and learning disabled students. We built the Everyone Can Read web site from bottom up - from the design concept to the messaging and content. The site immediately made an impression on the search engines and started generating sales for partners.
311 Watch
Helped boot this online complaints and connection to leadership with a Twitter based strategy
The friendship Stone Logo
Designing online strategy for this Israeli - Palestinian e-commerce cooperation.
IntelliGym – Basketball skills software Logo
IntelliGym is a software product developed by ACE Technologies for helping basketball players improve their cognitive basketball skills. The company's site was a simple text without much design or thought given to the customer experience. WebWhile was invited to manage the development of the company's new site dedicated to the Basketball intelliGym software. The new site is smartly and creatively designed to deliver a much more interesting and powerful picture of the product and its benefits. A sophisticated administrative backoffice provided by WebWhile allows the company management to easily manage the backoffice activity - sales, affiliates and an advanced content management system for full control of the site.
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